froi: fs-fast roi


There are numerous avenues of support, from simple announcement lists to full-fledged discussion lists. As well, if you have bugs to report, I have a simple way to do so.


There is a mailing list for discussion of froi uses and problems; you can subscribe by sending mail to or view the archives.


If, on the other hand, you merely want to be notified of froi releases, you can subscribe to froi_announce by sending mail to or view the archives.

reporting bugs

All bugs should be submitted through an automated bug-tracking system. While you might fear that this will cause the bugs to be lost in the aether, it will instead help in the tracking and resolving of bugs. To submit a bug, please fill out the bug reporting form.

all else

If you want to contact me directly regarding questions, comments, or bugs with froi, you can e-mail me. Note that depending on workload it may be a few days before I can reply to your e-mail.