froi: fs-fast roi


There is a new alpha version of froi available for download from Be sure to check out the manual, available both in HTML and pdf versions.


froi, or FS-FAST region of interest, is a suite of programs for ROI analysis of fMRI data using FS-FAST and Freesurfer. The meat of froi allows the user to functionally definte ROIs and then extract information from the ROIs, such as mean time-course (for blocked data) as well as mean and percent signal change for each condition (along with the associated standard deviations and errors). ROIs are saved in a space-efficient format while the results are saved in a Matlab structure for easy viewing and manipulation.

In addition to dealing with single ROIs, froi can also combine multiple ROIs together, create maps of ROI overlap, display selectivity maps (possibly masked by an ROI). For subjects whose brain has been reconstructed using Freesurfer, froi also provides tools for mapping ROIs to the surface and vice versa.

froi should be considered alpha quality. Tests within a single lab have managed to catch and fix all known bugs, but other bugs may exist. Support is provided through a mailinglist as well as by contacting the author directly.

It would be great to hear from people who are using or have used froi; feel free to drop me a line or send a postcard if you find it useful.