froi: fs-fast roi

credits & contact

froi was written by Nick Knouf and is Copyright & 2003 Nick Knouf & MIT. It is licensed under the Artistic License.

Portions of this software were originally written by others. The function "editOverlay.m" is a derivative work of "editmask.m" written by Doug Greve and distributed in Freesurfer and FS-FAST. In addition, fast_write_wfile.m, fwrite3.m, fread3.m, read_surf.m, read_wfile.m, write_label.m, and write_wfile.m were written by Doug Greve. FDR.m was written by Thomas Nicols.

Many thanks to people in the Kanwisher lab who provided the impetus for writing froi, as well as helping to indentify bugs.

You can contact the author, Nick Knouf, with any questions about froi

Website architecture and design was done by Nick Knouf.